Issue Area: Tropical Moist Forests

Altruistic Adventures – Expeditions for Earth and Humanity

The idea behind Altruistic Adventures stemmed from Jeff’s ever-increasing environmental and philanthropic ethic and his desire to create a permanent venue and resource for independent travelers who wish to maximize their experiences by including a charitable component in their journeys. Much of the inspiration behind Altruistic Adventures must be credited …

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Amazon Pueblo

The mission of the Amazon Pueblo project is to help theindigenous community of La Libertad, Amazonas, Colombia, living on the banks ofthe Amazon River to enhance their dignity and quality of life by followingsustainable practices with food, water, energy, and economics.La Libertad is a small indigenous village found in theColombian …

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Amazonian Project

Who We AreAmazonian Project, is an international, nonprofit NGO, dedicated to the creation, development and execution of programs that protect and conserve the environment, specifically those that defend the Amazon rainforest, its equilibrium, and the well-being of its inhabitants.Where Can We Be Found The Amazonian Project Orinoco Center is located …

Read More is a brazilian non-governmental organization [NGO]. It was founded September 2001 in Rio Branco, capital of the brazilian state of Acre. We intend to build an extensive Website and a news-service with information on the Amazon under this address in Portuguese, English and German [long-term also Spanish].Our Mission is:To …

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Amigos da Terra – Amazônia Brasileira

Friends of the Earth – Brazilian Amazonia has existed in Brazil since 1989 and acts to promote the sustainable use of forest products, the prevention of fire, supporting isolated communities and the development and monitoring of public policies. The organisation is part of Friends of the Earth International, a network …

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Our mission is to help the people of Talamanca design and implement a strategy linking socio-economic development, cultural strengthening and biodiversity conservation. We seek the emergence of a truely grassroots process within the local community that achieves a healthy mix of protected rainforests, wetlands and marine areas, managed forests, diverse …

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Andrew Shu

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Appiko Anodlan

To conserve the tropical forests in south India through grass roots action and to strive for sustainable use of the resources without destroying the natural resources.We organise grass roots action with village people on forest and environmental issues.We work with youth and children to create awarness on ecological issues.

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Asamblea de Afectados por las Operaciones Petroleras de Texaco

Somos un organismo de representación y toma de decisiones que agrupamos a las comunidades y organizaciones afectadas por las operaciones petroleras de Texaco. Nos constituimos el 17 de febrero del 2001 como resultado de un proceso de consulta participativa entre los miembros de las comunidades y nacionalidades asentadas en las …

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