Issue Area: Fossil Fuels

2020 Vision

About 2020 Vision2020 Vision and 2020 Vision Education Fund are dedicated to solving global challenges where international security, energy and the environment come together. We see that today’s great global challenges are linked, and we strive to find overarching solutions.To achieve our goals, we work with Congress, the media, on …

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Advocates for Sustainable Development (Philippines) Foundation

About the GroupTo spread the message of Peak Oil, Natural Resource Depletion, and the impossibility of unlimited growth and to provide suitable options through relocalization, sustainable agriculture, and a better understanding of Ecological EconomicsAbout the PhilippinesOur members come from different parts of the Philippines, but most are based in Metro …

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African Energy Policy AFREPREN

The key objective of the African Energy Policy Research Network (AFREPREN/FWD) is to strengthen local research capacity and to harness it in the service of energy policy making and planning . Initiated in 1987, AFREPREN/FWD is a collective regional response to the widespread concern over the weak link between energy …

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AGADD, L’ Agence Africaine de Développement Durable a été créée en 2003, à Cotonou, au Bénin, et à Paris en France. L’organisation  joue le rôle de trait d’union entre les acteurs de la société civile, économique et politique africaines, et leurs interlocuteurs occiddentaux, pour promouvoir un développement durable adapté aux …

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Alaska Forum for Environmental Responsibility AFER

The mission of the Alaska Forum for Environmental Responsibility [Alaska Forum] is to hold industry and government accountable to the laws designed to safeguard Alaska`s environment, worker safety, and public health. We do so by: –protecting the rights of conscientious government and industry workers to speak the truth without fear …

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Alaskans for Responsible Mining ARM

Alaskans for Responsible Mining (ARM) is a voluntary association of non-governmental organizations working together to raise public awareness of the impacts of the mining industry to Alaska’s watersheds, wildlife, fisheries, communities and public health and to reform Alaska’s inadequate mining laws.Alaskans for Responsible Mining (ARM) is hiring a Alaska Mining …

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Alliance for a Post Petroleum Local Economy (APPLE) Elk Grove

Statement of IntentBuild Community by working together toward a more sustainable, self-reliant local economy.Group formed 8/5/2006In the coming weeks there will be much more content added to these pages.If you would like to be a part of this group, and help determine the direction of the group, please login to …

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