Issue Area: Mining and Refining Ores

Agua Vale Mas Que Oro

We are a group who believes and appreciates that we are created by God, and that he has created an environment in which we live. We also believe it is our responsibility to watch over and protect that environment when we see it being affected in a negative way.We started …

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Alliance for a Post-Petroleum Local Economy (APPLE) Nevada County

Our MissionAlliance for a Post-Petroleum Local Economy is working to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, and to promote a more self-reliant local economy in Nevada County, California.Alliance for a Post-Petroleum Local Economy is a grassroots group concerned about the repercussions of declining oil and natural gas in Nevada county. APPLE …

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Alliance for Responsible Mining ARM

MISSION STATEMENT:The Alliance for Responsible Mining is a grassroots coalition of individuals and organizations who insist on responsible mining laws and practices to protect the health and well being of our citizens and preserve the natural resources of Colorado. GOALS:We serve as a watchdog organization that monitors mining in Colorado …

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Alternative Business Association

Objectives To engage in poverty alleviation programmes To develop and engage the urban and rural poor communities Mission Statement To eradicate poverty among the rural, peri-urban slums and the marginilised. ABA intends to achieve this by engaging the poorest of the poor into programmes which empower them at both individual …

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Anvil Hill Alliance

Anvil Hill is situated at Wybong, west of Muswellbrook in the Upper Hunter Valley of NSW, Australia. It is the largest intact stand of remnant vegetation on the Central Hunter Valley floor, home to threatened species and indigenous heritage. Centennial Coal wants to lay waste to this with an open-cut …

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Appalachian Citizens Law Center

ACLC focuses the majority of its efforts on working with problems surrounding coal mining. Some of the adverse consequences of coal mining include: employment issues – workplace safety, illegal discharge, hiring discrimination; disability compensation; advocacy on behalf of miners and black lung victims; and environmental problems – water quality, subsidence, …

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Appalachian Voices

We believe Appalachia`s future lies in celebrating and safeguarding the region`s beautiful mountains and rich culture, rather than repeating the boom-and-bust cycles of the past that led to a degraded environment and endemic poverty. Appalachian Voices is dedicated to protecting and restoring the ecological integrity, economic vitality, and cultural heritage …

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Asia Arsenic Network

Arsenic is a poison omnipresent inside the earth. Arsenic that comes to the surface through exploitation of nature such as agricultural irrigation withdrawing underground water, geothermal power plants or mining, has seriously contaminated the environment in Asia. The Asia Arsenic Network is a citizens’ association established in April 1994 by …

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Association for Aid and Relief AAR Japan

Association for Aid and Relief, Japan(AAR Japan) is a Non-Governmental Organization ( NGO ) aiming to provide emergency assistance, assistance to people with disabilities, and mine action, among other operations. It was established in 1979 as an organization with no political, ideological, or religious affiliation. AAR currently has offices in …

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