Issue Area: Mining and Refining Ores

Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future Harrisburg

PennFuture works to create a just future where nature, communities and the economy thrive. We enforce environmental laws and advocate for the transformation of public policy, public opinion and the marketplace to restore and protect the environment and safeguard public health. We are: Working to increase clean renewable electricity to …

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Citizens Looking at Impacts of Mining

Citizens Looking at Impacts of Mining, (CLAIM-GV) is dedicated to fighting the re-opening of the Idaho-Maryland gold mine in the city limits of the City of Grass Valley, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, northern California.  We provide vetted information from the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIR), journals, newspapers and …

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Clark Fork Coalition [CFC]

The Clark Fork Coalition is dedicated to protecting and restoring water quality throughout the Clark Fork watershed.Like many other conservation groups, the Coalition was born in response to a local crisis. In 1983, Champion International`s pulp mill west of Missoula, Montana asked the state water quality bureau to relax the …

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Coal River Mountain Watch

The mission of Coal River Mountain Watch is to stop the destruction of our communities and environment by mountaintop removal mining, to improve the quality of life in our area and to help rebuild sustainable communities.

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Colorado Environmental Coalition Craig

The Colorado Environmental Coalition unites Coloradans to protect our natural heritage and quality of life. Every year, the Coalition mobilizes thousands of organizations and individuals who, like you, care deeply about Colorado. From soccer moms to steelworkers, from students to ranchers, from commuters to backpackers enjoying the world-famous Rocky Mountains, …

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Community Business Forum Kyrgyzstan CBF

The CBF aims to help build relationships by creating networks between local communities and business. At the centre of this network are local NGOs, who are in a position to identify and address the priority social and economic issues in their villages.Our mission is to develop effective cross-sectoral collaboration between …

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Concerned Citizens of Pony CCP

Concerned Citizens of Pony was formed in response to expanding mineral development in the area of Pony, Montana. CCP watchdogs mining companies and regulators to ensure the protection of other natural resources and oversees administrative rule-making processes and legislative and court proceedings.Our Key activies:Air Quality, Mining, Water Quality, Noise Pollution

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Confederación Nacional de Comunidades del Perú Afectadas por la Minería CONACAMI

MISIONArticular en la sociedad civil peruana una organización con representación nacional y de proyección internacional; orgánicamente fortalecida y descentralizada, que defienda los derechos políticos, sociales, culturales y ambientales de los pueblos indígenas y comunidades (urbanas y rurales) afectados por las industrias extractivas y políticas neoliberales; enmarcado en principios de equidad …

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Dakota Resource Council DRC

Dakota Resource Council was formed in 1978 to protect North Dakota’s land, air, water, rural communities and agricultural economy. DRC is working for preservation of family farms, enforcement of corporate farming laws, soil and water conservation, regulation of coal mining and oil and gas development, protection of groundwater and clean …

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