Issue Area: Sustainable Minerals Industry

ReUse Connection

ReUse Connection is an international community promoting the re-use of materials and items by providing a platform for people to share and discuss re-use examples. . . and by supporting eco- entrepreneurship.

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Save the Wild UP

Save the Wild UP is a Marquette-based, grassroots organization with deep concerns about the economic, social, and environmental impacts of nonferrous mining. Save the Wild UP + Action is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.MissionHistory shows great inequities between the outsiders that benefit from this type of mining and the locals …

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Sustainable Indiana 2016

By discovering, connecting, and empowering organizations in Indiana that are incorporating sustainable principles, we hope that Indiana can become a role model for sustainability by its bicentennial in 2016. We promote the 16 principles of the Earth Charter as a way to achieve sustainability.

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The Climate Conservancy

The Climate Conservancy is a non-profit organization founded byscientists at Stanford University to inform decision makers about theGHG emissions embodied in the products and services they buy, and tofoster market mechanisms that will lead to reduced emissions. Ourprimary focus is the advancement of a Climate Conscious carbon label onconsumer packaged …

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Total Kraps Consulting

Consultora en temas de desarrollo sostenible, desarrollo comunitario, Desarrollo territorial basado en la identidad cultural y el turismo, negocios rurales y cadenas productivas, Proyectos de Desarrollo.

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United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO Belgium

[imgul:uni.gif:]AboutUNIDO is the United Nations’ specialized industrial agency, mandated to promote industrial development and international industrial cooperation.Mission The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) helps developing countries and countries with economies in transition in their fight against marginalization in today’s globalized world. It mobilizes knowledge, skills, information and technology to …

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Westerners for Responsible Mining

Westerners for Responsible Mining is an unprecedented alliance of western residents and organizations and non-westerners who cherish our rural communities, landscapes and resources. We have come together to ensure that these communities, water resources, and special places in the West are protected from the adverse impacts of irresponsible mining practices …

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