Issue Area: Agricultural Water Conservation and Management

Aagaas Federation

ALAKNANDA GHAATI SHILPI FEDERATION (AAGAAS FEDERATION) is a voluntary orgnisation working in the central hiamlayan region of India since 2004,this is registered orgnisation by state govt.under societies registration act.The meaning of AAGAAS –

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AAO Mabolization Association

ttttFor the past 11/2years, we have focused on providing information, data processing and dissemination services to development organizations.ttttttttOur goal is to empower ,  and humanitarian and development organizations with know-how, technology, open-source software and open source websites, digital library and data-processing solutions.

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Abhandu Welfare Association

Mission/VisionTo promote effective utilisation of rainwater,and management of water in all sectors of economic dispensation be it in farming agriculture or industries and domestic usageWhat does the organization do?To ensure that the youth become well versed with water management skills and inform the society about healthy drinking habits ,Also how …

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About Time Place

Local Harvest- LocalHarvest maintains a definitive and reliable living” public nationwide directory of small farms

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Accademia Italiana di Permacultura

L’Associazione, che non ha scopi di lucro, ha per oggetto e si propone di:- essere una rete di supporto per le persone che hanno frequentato i corsi di Progettazione in Permacultura secondo il modulo di 72h, e che hanno deciso di continuare la propria formazione fino all’ottenimento del Diploma di …

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Mission:contribuate to reducing of the poverty for the most vulnerable persons in the rural and urban area in Chad.

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Action For Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra [AFARM]

Action for Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra [AFARM] is a voluntary organisation formed for the collective benefit of the voluntary organisations through their own collective actions. Born out of an acute felt need for an apex institution to co-ordinate efforts of the voluntary organisations in their task for providing drinking water …

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