Issue Area: Agroforestry

Alianza para el Desarrollo Ambiental y Social

Misión:Desarrollo Humano, en un equilibrio entre el hombre y la Naturaleza Antecedentes:Trabajos de Agroforesterìa,organizaciòn comunitaria, desarrollo empresarial,construcciòn de viviendas etc. Actividades desarrolladas:Desarrollo de proyectos de Comercializaciòn entre productores y expendedores municipales para realizar un comercio justo. Desarrollo de proyectos urbanisticos con poblaciòn pobres sin vivienda. Aseosrìa en salud mental con …

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All Bulgarian Society for Ecological Agriculture

Project for pilot ecological farms in Bulgaria; environmental assessment for the road Gabrovo-ShipkaPriorities of work: agriculture/pesticidesenvironmental educationenvironmental legislationenvironmental policy makingforestrynature protectionpublic participationpublicationssustainable agricultureActivities: advisory servicesconferences, meetingseducationpublic meetingspublishingresearchtrainingInterests in partnership projects: national, internationalPublications: Ecological Agriculture [collection] – 1996, 1998, 1999Membership in umbrella organizations/network: Agriculture Sociology, INTERECOAffiliation with other organizations: AVALON-Netherlands, Swiss …

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Allmende e.V. Verden

The goals of the Allmende project is to research if a small group of people can sustain themselves in regard of food supply by using nearly only ressources found in a given area. So what it means for our work on site is that we for example don’t use any …

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Amasachina Self-Help Association ASHA

Aims to strengthen communities through self-help initiatives. Projects undertaken in collaboration with partner organizations include: -the construction of community woodlots, -the development of central seed nurseries, -roadside planting of trees, and -the introduction of suitably adapted tree and fruit varieties. Implements education and awareness-raising activities to support and sustain community-level …

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American Asian Hope Foundation

The AAHope Foundation, is an organization created by a few concerned American Veteran’s and most importantly, by the American Asian community. These children have begun to form their own unique community within Vietnam. Through that community they have found each other, and the listening ears and understanding hearts so essential …

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American Farmland Trust AFT New England Region

Since our founding in 1980, American Farmland Trust has helped win permanent protection for over a million acres of American farmland. Our hard work and sound strategies unite farmers, environmentalists and policymakers.We have three strategies for saving America’s farmland:€ Protect the best land through publicly funded agricultural conservation easement programs;€ …

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Anawin Trust

FocusTo work with socially-, economically-and Culturally-marginalised rural communities.ProgrammesImproves rural communities’ living conditions: increases access to natural resources; empower communities to exercise their rights and have greater control over their lives; helps women improve their health, socio-economic status; initiates and supports community members to identify local concerns and seek locally appropriate …

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Andrew Shu

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