Issue Area: Agroforestry

Yacu Yura

Yacu Yura, which means Aguas Claras in Quechua, is a project of the Latin American Institute for Ecological and Sustainable Development and an integral education center for consciousness, art and ecology. We are located on 1,000 acres of land, in the wilds of Cordoba, a fertile seedbed for new ideas …

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Yayasan Bumi Persada – Luwuk Banggai YBP-LB

YBP-LB is an organisation active in advocacy on issues related to the environment and community welfare.The activities of the YBP-LB over the past two years have been:- Protection of communities working on palm oil plantation in the areas of the Toili and Bantayan plains – Advocacy in cases concerning communal …

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Yayasan Nuyten – Liebreks CS

YNL is similar to a group of volunteers who are united in an effort to empower the many people who comprise the disadvantaged, isolated and ?deserted? classes. In the beginning, when the organisation was newly established, funding came from the founder of the foundation and local volunteers. Since the monetary …

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Yayasan Pinang Sebatang Pinse

Yayasan Pinang Sebatang missionis to continue to live in our own reality in lala land.Yayasan Pinang Sebatang vision is to create a democratic and just social order as well as to uphold human rights. To manage natural resources in a sustainable manner through ecotourism.

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Yayasan Sabang Meurauke (YASAMER)

VisionTo implement activities in education, society, tourism, agriculture, plantations, fisheries, industries, livestock and forestry.MissionTo utilize biological and non-biological resources for the people’s prosperity.

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Youth For Action [YFA]

We have been working in the drought prone districts of Mahaboobnagar in Andhra Pradesh and Gulbarga district of Karnataka. Since inception, our activities have been focused on participatory management systems emphasizing on livelihood through natural resources which are crucial for sustainable development of dryland communities. Recurrent droughts leading to conditions …

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YouthBuild Boston YBB

MissionLaunched in 1990 with 28 young people in a church basement, YBB was the first replication of the YouthBuild model outside of New York. The mission of YouthBuild Boston Inc. (YBB) is to improve opportunities for young people of Boston by teaching skills that will equip them to support themselves …

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Zambia Alliance of Women

Organises a training of trainers workshop on environmental issues in the Southern African region. Promotes agro-forestry projects using environmentally sound methods.

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