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1egg1world is an initiative which has the goal of raising $1million through ‘trading-up’ starting out with just one egg. Once the million dollars is raised it will be donated to our three favourite Australian grass-roots charities. We chose these charities from the three areas we felt most important – The …

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Agricultural and Rural Development Association ARDA

Our mission is to empower the Sri Lankan peasantry by building a strong and credible national peasant federation that leads in the advocacy for and implementation of genuine and sustainable agrarian and aguatic reform and rural development, and equality of men and women. This will respond to our present problem …

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Agro Complex Foundation ACF

ACF is an NGO active in the field of rural community-based development, especially for farming and fishing communities. This focuses on strengthening families and improving capacity in poor village communities so that they can gain full access to the potential in their immediate social environment.

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AJEDUI-ONG Association of youngs Determined and united for an Ideal

We are an association named AJEDUI (association of youngs Determined and united for an Ideal) based in Republic of bĂ©nin (west Africa) working in the area of basic Education, health, alphabetisation, decentralisation,tourism,right of people,elimination of illiteracy ,agriculture,nutrition, protection of mothers and children and microfinance. – In the area of education, …

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Alberta Aquaculture Association

[imgul:top.jpg:]Mission Statement:The Alberta Aquaculture Association supports the pursuit of aquaculture promotion and education. Code of Ethics:The Code of Ethics for the Alberta Aquaculture Association is a statementof principles that guides the members in their business and management practices. Members of the Alberta Aquaculture Association: Conduct business in an ethical manner. …

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Alternative Aquaculture Association

Non-profit organization providing information on alternative and traditional methods of aquaculture, emphasizing , low-energy and practical applications, recirculating technologies, and educational and backyard systems.

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