Issue Area: Farm Ecosystem Management

Africa Tour

AFRICATOUR est une association de tourisme solidaire écologiste basée au cameroun ,organisateur de circuits touristiques loin des sentiers battus près des populations au contact des réalités dans le respect de l’environnement et des populations visitées ,une immersion totale dans une zone rurale .

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African Child Foundation, Uganda

The African Child Foundation (‘ACF’) is an independent, indigenous, non-political, non – governmental organization with a primary mission to provide education to poor, disadvantaged and neglected orphans whose parents have died of HIV/AIDS. We aim to help their families to overcome poverty and hopelessness in Uganda through helping them initiate …

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AGADD, L’ Agence Africaine de Développement Durable a été créée en 2003, à Cotonou, au Bénin, et à Paris en France. L’organisation  joue le rôle de trait d’union entre les acteurs de la société civile, économique et politique africaines, et leurs interlocuteurs occiddentaux, pour promouvoir un développement durable adapté aux …

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Agricultural Conservation Innovation Center

Most farmers are concerned about excessive use of fertilizer, soil run-off and green house gas emissions from farms as threats to our nation’s water, air and wildlife—but some fear they are putting their yields and income at risk if conservation farming practices are adopted to reduce those threats. AFT’s Agricultural …

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Agricultural Research Center & Pesticide Education Project

The Agricultural Resources Center (ARC) and Pesticide Education Project (PESTed) is a non-profit organization working in North Carolina since 1986 to minimize human and environmental exposure to toxic pesticides. We watchdog public officials in North Carolina and work to improve public policy, as well as educating individuals and institutions about …

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Agronomic Science Foundation

To provide leadership and financial resources to further the role of the agronomic, crop, and soil sciences in global crop production, and to promote human welfare within a sustainable environment.

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AME Foundation Madanapalli

AME Foundation is committed to livelihood improvements of resource-poor farmers through eco friendly farming- Promotes alternative farm practices, Integrated Farming Systems, Natural Resouces Management, reduced external inputs and enhanced biomass production – Adopts equitable and gender sensitive participatory development processes for capacity building – Seeks institutional collaborations for ensuring sustainabilty …

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AME Foundation Tiruchi

Vision AME subscribes to a global, socio-political and economic system, which affords just and equitable opportunity for all, in the development process. AME recognizes that in the prevailing circumstances, the worst affected are a large number of disadvantaged families dependent on farming in rain fed areas, with a future rapidly …

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