Issue Area: Farm Ecosystem Management


WYSAN is a coalition of sustainable family farmers and ranchers in Wyoming. While this group is in the development stage, it is hoped that we will be able to support each other on issues that we face in the course of doing business and the uniques challenges of small family …

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Yayasan Pinang Sebatang Pinse

Yayasan Pinang Sebatang missionis to continue to live in our own reality in lala land.Yayasan Pinang Sebatang vision is to create a democratic and just social order as well as to uphold human rights. To manage natural resources in a sustainable manner through ecotourism.

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Youth For Action [YFA]

We have been working in the drought prone districts of Mahaboobnagar in Andhra Pradesh and Gulbarga district of Karnataka. Since inception, our activities have been focused on participatory management systems emphasizing on livelihood through natural resources which are crucial for sustainable development of dryland communities. Recurrent droughts leading to conditions …

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Zahana Association Madagascar

Zahana is a non-governmental organization in Madagascar dedicated to rural development, education, reforestation, revitalization of traditional Malagasy medicine, and sustainable and environmentally-friendly agriculture.The goal of Zahana is to develop a community-based rural development project focused on priorities set by the villagers themselves. It is Zahana¬ís philosophy that development must be …

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