Issue Area: Farm Ecosystem Management

American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association is the nation’s leading 501(C)3nonprofit health organization providing diabetes research, informationand advocacy. Founded in 1940, the American Diabetes Associationconducts programs in all 50 states and the District of Columbia,reaching hundreds of communities. Find out what is happening

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Animal Compassion Foundation ACF

[imgul:top.jpg:]Mission: The Animal Compassion Foundation serves as a dynamic hub for ranchers, meat producers and researchers to learn and share practices and methodologies that support the animals’ physical needs, behaviors and well-being by incorporating wisdom from the past, enhanced by present and future innovations.Vision: The quest for cheap food has …

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Anoushavan Abrahamian Education Fund

The Anoushavan Abrahamian Education Fund (AAEF) founded October 2004 seeks to enrich the lives of disadvantaged youth worldwide by providing enhanced educational opportunities, particularly in the area of vocational skills training. The programs are focused specifically on improving trade skill education for rural youths that will increase their opportunities for …

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Aquaponics-The New Victory Garden

Why do I call this a Victory Garden? Well it’s a win -win for everything involved. The New Victory Garden is an Aquaponic garden. What is that? Well its taking two, not so great for the environment practices aquaculture and Hydroponic vegetable production and uniting them. With this union you get a very efficient …

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Aqueous Solutions

At Aqueous Solutions, our mission is to enable householdsand communities to ensure the safety of their drinking water in aself-reliant and sustainable manner. Our researchers andengineers are developing low-cost, robust water purification systemsthat can be constructed using locally sourced labor and materials,anywhere in the world, to remove pesticides and other …

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Armenian Relief Society ARS EGYPT

It would be improper to write the history of the Armenian Relief Society without first mentioning that long before its founding in the year 1910, there existed groups of Armenian women, small in number, some functioning in the name of Armenian Red Cross”

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Asociación de Organización De Productores Ecológicos de Bolivia [AOPEB]

THE ASSOCIATION OF ECOLOGICAL PRODUCERS’ ORGANIZATIONS OF BOLIVIA (ASOCIACIÓN DE ORGANIZACIONES DE PRODUCTORES ECOLÓGICOS DE BOLIVIA – AOPEB) was set up in 1991 with the participation of EL CEIBO, ANAPQUI, CORACA IRUPANA, AGROPLAN, ACCOPCA, and MINGA. The association’s purpose is to improve the ecological producers’ level of self-sufficiency on the …

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QUIENES SOMOS: Una Asociación que elaborara y ejecutara proyectos de desarrollo rural proporcionando capacitación y asistencia técnica a través de la cooperación internacional,  enfocados en el desarrollo económico local. NUESTRA VISION: Ser una asociación que promueva el emprendimiento para lograr el desarrollo de las comunidades rurales a través de los  principios …

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Association Sociale Tiouizi AST

L’Association Sociale Tiouizi est une association de développement rural durable qui accorde une importance particulière à la concertation avec les habitants, en vue d’une mobilisation sociale et d’une participation active et effective de ces derniers à la conception, mise en œuvre, suivi et évaluation de leurs projets de développement. La …

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