Issue Area: Land Trusts and Land Conservation

300 Committee

The 300 Committee is a private, non-profit land trust dedicated to protecting and preserving open space for the citizens of Falmouth Massachusetts. Founded by a small group of volunteers in 1985 on the 300th anniversary of the incorporation of the Town of Falmouth, it is now the largest private land …

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40-Mile Loop Land Trust

The 40-Mile Loop Land Trust is an Advocacy Group Promoting a System of Connected Recreational Trails in the Portland Metro Area. The Trust also Pursues Completion of the 40-Mile Trail Around the Portland Metropolitan Area. The 40-Mile Loop Land Trust was incorporated in 1981 with the purpose of assisting in …

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Access Fund

[imgul:aflogo.gif:]The Access Fund is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to keeping climbing areas open and to conserving the climbing environment.MissionThe Access Fund keeps climbing areas open and conserves the climbing environment.VisionThe Access Fund envisions a future in which climbing and access to climbing resources are viewed as legitimate, valued, and …

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African American Land Trust

Local land trusts exist throughout Maryland to help property owners protect their land.Each has its own board of directors and staff that shepherd the process toward permanent protection through conservation easements, gifts or purchases of land, limited development, conservation buyers or promotion of existing local, state or federal easement programs.While …

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Agricultural Development and Training Society ADATS

VisionADATS and the Coolie Sangha share a vision of a community of unified poor, across parochial caste lines and the gender divide; with increased survival capacity in a rapidly changing political economy; with food security ensured by sustainable resource-use practices and economic development; where individuality and person status are established …

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Alabama Forest Resources Center AFRC

The Alabama Forest Resources Center is a land trust working to help private landowners conserve forest lands using conservation easements and other tools.Our vision is for Alabama to continue to serve as a working and sustainable rural landscape of national and international importance, in which ecological, economic and recreational values …

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Alabama Land Trust

The Alabama Land Trust is a state-wide organization working with landowners to help protect their land. The Alabama Land Trust was formed in 1994 by citizens concerned about rapid, sprawling development and the dramatic loss of farm and forest land in the area. The Alabama Land Trust focuses on assisting …

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Alachua Conservation Trust

Our MissionThe mission of Alachua Conservation Trust (ACT) is to protect the natural, historic, scenic and recreational resources in and around Alachua County, Florida. ACT protects land through purchase, donation, conservation easement and bargain sale.Alachua Conservation Trust is a local, non-profit land trust that workswith landowners to protect our great …

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Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition

Quiet is an essential part of the experience of Alaska’s Public Land’s; natural quiet and natural sound are resources to be protected.Objective: A fair and balanced allocation of Alaska’s public lands for both non-motorized and motorized use.

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