Issue Area: Land Trusts and Land Conservation

Alderley Edge Wilmslow and District Footpaths Society

Alderley Edge Wilmslow and District Footpaths Society is – to secure and maintain the free, uninterrupted and responsible use of all public rights of way, byways and other ways, and to preserve all commons, village greens, roadside strips and any other land subject to open space restrictions – particularly within …

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Algoma Highlands Conservancy

The principal focus of the Algoma Highlands Conservancy is that of a land trust (e.g. Robertson Lake Cliffs), but it also provides opportunities for undertaking educational programs (e.g. Lake Superior State University), for research activities such as forest management techniques through the Canadian Forest Service, for the protection of species at …

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Allegheny County Land Conservation Center

Maryland is home to over fifty local land trusts. Land trusts are not-for-profit corporations designed to protect land from development, using conservation easements, gifts or purchases of land, limited development, conservation buyers, or promotion of existing local, state, or Federal easement programs. The Maryland Environmental Trust (MET) assists citizen groups …

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Allegheny Valley Trails Association AVTA

Mission :To acquire land and develop public non-motorized recreational trails.The AVTA’s mission is the acquisition of abandoned railways in the Allegheny River watershed and their rehabilitation into multipurpose, non-motorized recreational trails.

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Amador Land Trust ALT

ALT was established in 1990 by a coalition of ranchers, conservationists, and other concerned citizens to preserve the foothill landscape of Amador and Calaveras counties. ALT accepts conservation easements on lands, provides technical assistance to landowners on preservation techniques and alternatives, and promotes public awareness of the importance of preserving …

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Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research ACEER

The mission of the ACEER Foundation is to promote conservation of the Peruvian Amazon by fostering awareness, understanding, action, and transformation. This is achieved by initiating environmental education programs, supporting basic and applied research, and protecting unique tracts of land.

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Amboseli Community Wildlife Tourism Project ACWTP

ACWTP mission: * To reduce the poverty of the rural Maasai population * To secure the biodiversity of the Amboseli ecosystem * To engender sustainable conservation amongst the Maasai community landowners * To reduce the reliance on livestock by generating income from wildlife * To increase direct benefits for the …

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American Committee for the Preservation of the Land and People of Israel

Mission- Promoting true peace in OUR country and worldwide Supporting efforts to retain every inch of OUR G-d – given Land- Holding Israeli Politicians accountable for their history-altering decisions about OUR Land and OUR PeopleThe American Committee for the Preservation of the Land and People of Israelwas formed to help …

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American Farmland Trust AFT California Region

The mission of American Farmland Trust is to stop the loss of productive farmland and to promote farming practices that lead to a healthy environment. Founded in 1980 by a group of farmers and conservationists concerned about the rapid loss of the nation’s farmland to development, American Farmland Trust (AFT) …

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