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A Studio in the Woods ASITW

A Studio in the Woods, located in Lower Coast Algiers, is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the bottomland hardwood forest and providing within it a peaceful retreat where visual, literary and performing artists can work uninterrupted. Programming includes community workshops in the arts and environment, and an outdoor classroom …

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Action communautaire pour la protection de l`environnement ACPE

ACPE assists community-based organizations in the fight against deforestation. Encourages and contributes to the protection of the environment by facilitating reforestation activities. Develops and supports the capacity of local communities to create activities aimed at generating alternative incomes.

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Action massive rural AMAR

Action massive rural Organizes training programmes to inform farmers about anti-erosion methods, fertilizers, establishing fruit tree nurseries and tree planting techniques. Carries out reforestation. Promotes rural associations with the aim of creating an integrated local market. Supports initiatives developed by cooperatives. Encourages all efforts in the region for the protection …

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Actively Conserving Marysville Environs ACME

ACME, the local environment group, together with other groups, is supporting a blockade and associated campsite on a new logging road. This road will open pristine new areas for clear felling adjacent a popular State Park.The objectives of the local campaign include:Extend the Yarra Ranges National Park to include the …

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Alberta Centre for Boreal Research

The Alberta Centre for Boreal Studies was initiated by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society [Edmonton Chapter] for the purpose of providing reliable up-to-date information to the public about the ecology and management of boreal forests in western Canada. The information in this site may be freely copied and distributed, …

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Algoma Chapter of the Ontario Woodlot Association

Our Mission The OWA promotes the sustainable management of Ontario’s privately owned forest by providing our members with guidance and advice, and by representing their interests through a united provincial voice. We are working to ensure that Ontario’s privately owned forest will always contribute to the health of our society, …

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American Lands Alliance

American Lands was founded in 1991 at the height of the Ancient Forest wars in the Pacific Northwest. Known then as the Western Ancient Forest Campaign [WAFC], the organization was created and remains governed by grassroots leaders to ensure that activistsÂ’ voices and issues are raised in Washington, DC where …

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Amico Giardiniere

Amico Giardiniere si rivolge con fiducia e speranza ai giardinieri, agli orticoltori, ai selvicoltori e agli agricoltori in quanto depositari di un sapere unificato dalla pratica e dalla passione sincera per il proprio lavoro. In quello sforzo continuo di migliorarsi e trovare buone pratiche sta il necessario punto di equilibrio …

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Andrew Shu

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