Issue Area: Natural Resource Conservation

1000 Friends of Washington

The mission of 1000 Friends of Washington is to promote sound management of growth in Washington State. This will be accomplished through public education, facilitation of community consensus on important issues, assistance to local governments and state agencies, and advocacy in selected cases. With the inevitable continued growth in the …

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113 Calhoun Street Foundation

The 113 Calhoun Street Foundation is a private non-profit organization whose mission is to create communities more resistant to losses from natural hazards – flood, wind, and earthquake – and to promote ways of living that help people conserve natural resources.113 Calhoun Streets mission is being achieved through the development …

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1675 Foundation

FoundationThe 1675 Foundation is a private family foundation dedicated to promoting and supporting excellence in the education, health, human services, watershed and environmental issues, and history. In 1947, Marian S. and John H. Ware 3rd founded the Oxford Foundation. In 2004, the Oxford Foundation restructured, creating four separate foundations. The …

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21st Century Ecologists

Mission: Realization educational work on ecology and protection of natural resources among schoolchild, students, population

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3D Life Adventures

3D provides fun and challenging educational opportunities. Our programs however are rooted in a mission that seeks to address significant issues and be a catalyst for long term change. Nature:The earth is a magical place filled with a vast array of life and beauty. Yet our planet is also facing …

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On June 9th, 2009 the city of San Francisco passed a waste management ordinance that will require all residents and businesses to begin sorting compost and recycling by October 21, 2009. The city has initiated this plan in an attempt to reach a 2010 goal of 75% waste diversion from …

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40-Mile Loop Land Trust

The 40-Mile Loop Land Trust is an Advocacy Group Promoting a System of Connected Recreational Trails in the Portland Metro Area. The Trust also Pursues Completion of the 40-Mile Trail Around the Portland Metropolitan Area. The 40-Mile Loop Land Trust was incorporated in 1981 with the purpose of assisting in …

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444S Foundation

Our Purpose and activities: Giving to support environmental, wildlands and wildlife protection efforts.Our Fields of interest: – Animals/wildlife, preservation/protection; – Canada; – Environment, natural resources.Our Geographic focus: International

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4H Club Upe Karsava

Our Priorities of work: —> environmental education—> nature protection of love—> public participation social communicationActivities: networking.

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