Issue Area: Natural Resource Management

1-village Community

I-village Community is a worldwide network of individuals and communities based on common interest in Food, Water/Energy. Transport, Prosperity and Ecology.  Through a mentoring program, members a provided the facilities to participate in sustainable projects and the cooperation to initiate new ventures.

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A ABRA144 significa Aldeia Biorregional Amazônica, e se trata de um projeto que visa a formação de uma comunidade com caracteristicas, como seu próprio nome o diz, biorregionais, prestando atenção plena ao entorno local, a historia e as aspirações que apontem a um futuro sustentável; trabajando com recursos seguros e …

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Acacia Insitute

The goal of the Acacia Institute is to highlight the important role of groundwater in hydrological processes, as well as groundwater’s importance to society. Acacia also wants to accommodate the need for groundwater knowledge and to offer recommendations in those areas where the awareness of the importance of groundwater is …

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Action for Greening Sahel AGS

OBJECTIVES:- To improve the people’s standard of living, environment protection and restoration of the ecosystem in Sahel area in Africa, through the prevention of desertification, and the promotion of food supply self-sufficiencyOVERSEAS ACTIVITIES:- The growing and distribution of seedlings, vegetable and grains, the provision of nursing advice and the installation …

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ADRA India

ADRA India is registered body recognized by the government of India under the Societies Act No. S/22732. It functions as a fully accredited faith based NGO (Non-governmental organization). It serves the entire country of India with main office headquarters at A-10/24, DLF-1, Behind Summer Field School, Gurgaon – 122 002, …

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Aetherius Society

[a:31bee9ab1a32f8c3646393e20387faa1:[imgur:buttoncpi.jpg:]]The Aetherius Society is a worldwide spiritual organization comprised of people dedicated to help heal and uplift humanity through spiritual action. We were founded in 1955 by the late Western Master of Yoga, Dr. George King, in order to help the Cosmic and Ascended Masters bring a state of balance …

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African Highlands Initiative AHI

The African Highlands Initiative (AHI) is an ecoregional program of the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) and a network of the Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA) hosted by the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF). Its aim is to improve livelihoods and reverse natural …

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African People & Wildlife Fund

The African People & Wildlife Fund is dedicated to conserving African wildlife and their natural habitats through a village-based approach. APW specializes in empowering and engaging local people in conservation and sustainable development projects.In addition to wildlife research and conservation projects, APW places a programmatic emphasis on reducing conflicts with …

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