Issue Area: Sustainable Forestry

10,000 Years Institute

10,000 Years Institute develops educational, management, and regulatoryapproaches to promote sustainable land use practices in forests,rivers, wetlands, and estuaries. Using science and local knowledge, theInstitute works within communities to shape regulatory priorities andadvocate for sustainable land management practices that protectecosystem services and provide net environmental benefits. 10,000 YearsInstitute evaluates the …

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A Studio in the Woods ASITW

A Studio in the Woods, located in Lower Coast Algiers, is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the bottomland hardwood forest and providing within it a peaceful retreat where visual, literary and performing artists can work uninterrupted. Programming includes community workshops in the arts and environment, and an outdoor classroom …

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Abotani Seva Sangha

Mission: To work for the enhancement of environmental awareness and protection.To promote the Khadi movement and improve upon the village industries.To encourage wasteland development as well as catalyse the process of afforestation.

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Abriachan Forest Trust

Abriachan is a scattered rural community of about 120 people, in the Highlands of Scotland. In 1998 the Abriachan Community purchased 534 hectares of forest and open hill ground from Forest Enterprise. Since then the Abriachan Forest Trust has managed this land to create local employment, improve the environment and …

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Academy of Ecology Foundation

Organisation of applied seminars on biology, the environment and biotechnology with teachers.Priorities of work:agriculture/pesticidesbiodiversityenvironmental educationenvironmental impact assessmentenvironmental policy makingforestrynature protectionpublicationssustainable agricultureActivities:advisory servicesconferences, meetingseducationinformation disseminationlobbying/campaigningmonitoringpublic meetingspublishingresearchtraining

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Acharjya Jagadish Chandra Bose Briksha Mitra Sangha

AJCBBMS aims to make the people aware of the environment and the importance of a clean and healthy environment. To achieve this aim the Sangha conducts awareness programmes on the effects of pollution and soil erosion on the environment and how to stop it. It involves people in plantation programmes …

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Acres Land Trust ACRES

We were incorporated exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes and by charitable, educational and scientific means with five general purposes:1.) As a part of the continued growth of the communities in which it operates, as a land trust to acquire interests in and to preserve natural areas and to …

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Action communautaire pour la protection de l`environnement ACPE

ACPE assists community-based organizations in the fight against deforestation. Encourages and contributes to the protection of the environment by facilitating reforestation activities. Develops and supports the capacity of local communities to create activities aimed at generating alternative incomes.

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Action for Food Production (AFPRO), Gwalior

Action for Food Production is an Indian socio-technical non-governmental organization with Christian inspiration working for the development of the rural poor through effective natural resource management solutions.It provides technical guidance and backup support to grassroots level NGOs for the implementation of environmentally friendly projects for water, food security, livelihoods and …

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