Issue Area: Sustainable Forestry

Youth Environmental Organization – RHODOPE (MEO-Rodopi/YEO-Rhodope)

Main mission: protection of the unique biodiversity of the Rhodope mountains and sustainable development; main activities: research on biodiversity; eco-education of youthPriorities of work: 1) animal protection/wildlife 2) biodiversity 3) environmental education 4) forestry 5) nature protection 6) public participation 7) tourism/sustainable/eco tourismActivities: advisory services, awareness raising campaigns, cleaning actions, …

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YouthBuild Boston YBB

MissionLaunched in 1990 with 28 young people in a church basement, YBB was the first replication of the YouthBuild model outside of New York. The mission of YouthBuild Boston Inc. (YBB) is to improve opportunities for young people of Boston by teaching skills that will equip them to support themselves …

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Yugoslav Mountain Forum

Priorities of work: 1. animal protection/wildlife2. biodiversity3. environmental education4. environmental impact assessment5. environmental policy making6. forestry7. nature protection8. public participation9. publications10. tourism/sustainable/eco tourismActivities: advisory servicesawareness raising campaignscleaning actions, campseducationinformation disseminationlobbying/campaigningpublishingtraining

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Yuva Chetna Kendra

Mission: 1) To empower the powerless people of the society.2) To work for community level institutional promotion.3) To undertake activities for the development of forestry and Strengthening of Sustainable agriculture Practices.4) To promote networking of various like minded organisations of the area.

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Zielona Alternatywa ZA

Priorities of work: – animal protection/wildlife- biodiversity- environmental education- environmental impact assessment- forestry- nature protectionActivities: awareness raising campaigns, cleaning actions, camps, education, information dissemination, monitoring, publishing

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