Issue Area: Water Supply and Conservation


A4A is the short name for the Aqua for All foundation. From 2002, this foundation intends to create a link between Third World water and sanitation projects, sponsoring and socially responsible entrepreneurship. By acting as a ‘hinge’ between all parties involved, A4A wants to tackle the scarcity of drinking water …

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Goals- Undertake all round development of economically backward and other deprived sections- Undertake research and implementation of programmes related to formal and non-formal education- To take up activities related to poable water, public health, agriculture and environment- To identify and establish women as individuals and eliminate gender based differences

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Aapni Yojna

Mission: To improve health status of the people through provision of potable water.To construct sanitaiton facilities and impart health education along with community participation in planning, implementaiton and management of the water supply systems. Details: Aapni Yojna is an integrated water supply, sanitation and health education project funded by the …

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Abhandu Welfare Association

Mission/VisionTo promote effective utilisation of rainwater,and management of water in all sectors of economic dispensation be it in farming agriculture or industries and domestic usageWhat does the organization do?To ensure that the youth become well versed with water management skills and inform the society about healthy drinking habits ,Also how …

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Acacia Insitute

The goal of the Acacia Institute is to highlight the important role of groundwater in hydrological processes, as well as groundwater’s importance to society. Acacia also wants to accommodate the need for groundwater knowledge and to offer recommendations in those areas where the awareness of the importance of groundwater is …

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Academy for Mountain Environics AME

The Academy for Mountain Environics, the research arm of the BCIL, was founded over a decade ago with the basic objective of guiding people on simple, user-friendly systems for harnessing energy and water. The focus is on maintaining the tenuous harmony between the 5 ja’s that bind the planet — …

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Academy of Human Environment AHEAD

Mission * To promote rain water harvesting in urban areas. * To provide better educational and health facilities to people in general. * To work for the welfare of the women, children and the poor.

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