Issue Area: World Marine Fisheries

Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography

ASLO does not take positions on issues of environmental policy. However, ASLO strives to make the most recent scientific information on aquatic ecosystems available to policy-makers. Through activities such as congressional briefings, ASLO provides the political know-how and logistical assistance for ASLO members to present their research to policy leaders …

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Biosphere Foundation

The Biosphere Foundation was formed to encourage programs in science, education and conservation that inspire people to live intelligently with our earth’s biosphere.

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Canadian Ocean Habitat Protection Society COHPS

CANADIAN OCEAN HABITAT PROTECTION SOCIETY EXPLORING, NDERSTANDING, PROTECTING AND RESTORING CANADA’S INCREDIBLE NORTHERN CORAL FORESTS & THOSE FISHERIES THAT CAN COEXIST WITH THEM.The Canadian Ocean Habitat Protection Society has been working to educate Nova Scotians about our deep sea coral.The coral story is a story with many strands: fishing, conservation, …

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Cape Cod Stranding Network CCSN

The mission of the Cape Cod Stranding Network (CCSN) is to provide rapid response, assessment and humane care for stranded marine mammals; to effect appropriate release, and to conduct research and education in order to reduce suffering and prevent avoidable deaths. CCSN’s Goals and Objectives Evaluate stranded animals as quickly …

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Centro Desarrollo y Pesca Sustentable

Nuestra MisiónCeDePesca, Centro de Desarrollo y Pesca Sustentable, es unaOrganización No Gubernamental, con base en Mar del Plata, principalpuerto pesquero del país, cuya misión es trabajar por una actividadpesquera social, económica y ecológicamente sustentable.TrayectoriaDesde su conformación en 1997, CeDePesca logró instalar algunos temasimportantes en los medios de comunicación y en los ámbitos …

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Cook Islands Whale Research CCRC

MissionTo conduct benign research on the biology of cetaceans Research Projects— To raise awareness of marine conservation issues, especially those concerning cetaceans, by: — Conservation Initiatives – Providing curriculum enrichment and community outreach programs – Publishing scientific findings in both professional and popular formats through various media – Offering practical …

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Cornwall Seal Group CSG

The Seal Group was set up to monitor the presence (or absence) of seals in a north coast colony. A digital identification photo album for seals at this site has been built up since June 2000 and is now being shared with group members.The agreed aims for The Seal Group …

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DenizTemiz TURMEPA

Mission TURMEPA’s mission over the next five years is to become the most powerful force for protecting Turkey’s seas and waterways.VisionIts aim is to make protection of Turkey’s vast marine environment a national priority, ensuring that future generations continue to enjoy the health, leisure and economic benefits of the sea. …

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