Issue Area: Ecological Integrity

Zeta Golubovci Ecological Society

Priorities of work: 1) air quality/air pollution 2) animal protection/wildlife 3) climate change 4) economic instruments 5) environmental education 6) environmental impact assessment 7) environmental legislation 8) energy 9) forestry 10) nature protection 11) public participation 12) sustainable agriculture 13) tourism/sustainable/eco tourism 14) water managementActivities: advisory services, awareness raising campaigns, …

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Zhelana Zemya

Priorities of work: – environmental education- environmental legislation- environmental policy making- public participation- publications Activities: – awareness raising campaigns- conferences, meetings- education- information dissemination- lobbying/campaigning- public meetings- publishing- research- training

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Zia Orchid Growers

The American Orchid Society is far, far, far more than just a flower club. It’s hoped that this Web site allows you a glimpse at just how complex the 85-year-old nonprofit organization is, as well as how attuned the Society’s volunteer leadership is to our vision and mission. With a …

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Zielona Alternatywa ZA

Priorities of work: – animal protection/wildlife- biodiversity- environmental education- environmental impact assessment- forestry- nature protectionActivities: awareness raising campaigns, cleaning actions, camps, education, information dissemination, monitoring, publishing

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Zielone Mazowsze Green Mazovia

Zielone Mazowsze [Green Mazovia] association was establised in 1994 r. We are a regional organisation, operating in Warsaw and working on environmental problems of the agglomeration and the Mazovia region, but also undertaking initiatives on national level. We try to infuence authorities` decisions concerning environment and at the same time …

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