Issue Area: Electric Power

Renewable Energy Association REA

The Renewable Energy Association represents renewables producers and promotes the use of sustainable energy in the UK.We work with to government departments, agencies, regulators, NGOs and others to secure the best legislative, regulatory and infrastructure framework for UK renewables. The Association covers all renewable energy technologies and spans power generation, …

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Seattle City Light Environmental Affairs

Environmental Affairs Mission Statement: Work proactively and cooperatively with all City Light workers and work units to provide a safe and healthful workplace, protect the natural environment, and ensure compliance with laws and regulations. Environmental stewardship is one of Seattle City Light’s core values and we work with all of …

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Sociedade do Sol

Sociedade do Sol provides rural communities in Brazil with decentralized solar power.A SOCIEDADE DO SOL tem por finalidadesdesenvolver atividades relacionadas ao meio ambiente, em especial à tecnologia social na área de energia solar e renovável assim como educação ambiental, em conjunto com outras instituições.

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Solar Electric Education Network SEEN

Solar Electric Education Network (SEEN) mission is to provide solar electric education programs to all interested educators, students and members of the public.SEEN (Solar Electric Education Network) is the not-for-profit organization through which we raise money to donate goods and services at a reduced cost to those unable to pay …

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Solar Village Institute SVI

The Solar Village Institute (SVI) aims to promote the use of solar PV as a renewable energy source and develope the community spheres of the village of Ahakishaka (in the Karagwe District).

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