Issue Area: Electric Power

Solux e.V.

One-Child-One-SolarLightIn 2008 SOLUX won aWorld Bank award as part of the Lighting Africa project and was thus enabled tostart the project One Child One Solar Light” in Ghana. The aim of the project “One Child One SolarLight” is to provide portable solar lamps to school children and theirfamilies in Ghana’s …

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Synergy Energy Summit LLC

The Synergy Energy Summit is a networking forum designed tospread awareness of sustainability, energy models, banking, financing, socialmedia, advertising that provide solid opportunities to the ones thatparticipate in the forum. The Synergy Energy Summit provides solutions,platforms, and education and thought principles in the following areas:Energy, sustainability, renewable energy, solar, wind,hydropower, …

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Talking Conservation

Talking Conservation is an Environmental Communications and Advocacy consulting group in Portland, ME headed by Peter Alexander.  Its main focus is to provide resources, tools, and training to assist environmental and conservation organizations reach and engage broader constituencies–in other words, help them get past preaching to the choir.  Peter brings …

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True Green Energy Group

WHAT WE DOTrue Green Energy Group is a clean technology-oriented Agent and Promoter located in Manila, Philippines. We focus primarily on companies with proven revenue streams but are open to all stages of growth.We are looking for teams with innovative technologies to solve the world’s most pressing problems. We believe …

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