Issue Area: Electric Power


Turn As your utility watchdog, we stand up for consumer rights, affordablerates and a more livable California.For more than 30 years we have challenged California’s powerful energyand telephone companies, saving consumers and small businessesmillions, and demanding reliable service and environmentally soundpolicies. We advocate for better utility policies, provide consumerassistance, and …

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UNC Institute for the Environment

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hillhas a long and distinguished tradition of environmental research,dating back nearly 200 years. It began with Professors Denison Olmstedand Elisha Mitchell, who helped found natural science programs atCarolina and prepared the nation’s first geological survey. The scopeof environmental study here has expanded considerably …

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Us-energy Ltd trust

Halo My Name is Buzz Knapp-Fisher C.E.O of Us-energy Ltd trust.    We traded locally made bio-diesel from 2007-2009.We are a sleeping company at present.      Working on a electric car and setting up information charge points   feed by community owned non-profit renewable energy supply through The local Transition town group (The Angel project)  also experimenting with durable home made renewable FREE energy for …

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West Broadway Development Corporation WBDC

Mission/VisionThe Alliance mission is to renew and revitalize West Broadway through the responsible leadership and participation of people who live work and play in the neighbourhood.” Its vision is of a West Broadway which is “a stable

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Wind on the Wires

Wind energy offers a reliable, affordable, pollution-free source of energy, a new high-growth business, and an opportunity to diversify a rural economy. The Upper Midwest is rich in wind resources, with five of the top ten states in the country in terms of wind energy potential.The potential for wind development …

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Zentrum für Sonnenenergie und Wasserstoff-Forschung ZSW

The ZSW was established in 1988 by the German state of Baden-Württemberg, together with universities, research institutions, and commercial firms. It is a non-profit foundation under the civil code.Solar energy and hydrogen technologies are currently maturing on an industrial scale and will be major components in the sustainable energy supply …

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