Issue Area: Electric Power

California Wind Tech

VisionWe see a future that is promising and full of opportunity. A future where technological advancement matches environmental responsibility. A future with people working together to achieve true sustainability in a balance of economy and ecology. A future that, with your help, can become a reality. We hope that you …

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Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry [CRIEPI]

The electric industry faces many challenges, for instance, demand for electricity and other forms of energy will remain close to or above supply levels for many years, and the industry will be further liberalized. These new trends will greatly change how electricity is generated and distributed in the 21st century. …

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ColdSnap is a project to bring environmentally friendly remediations and modifications to refrigeration devices (refrigerators, freezers, commercial display units, mobile coolers, and so on) in order to reduce power consumption, reduce the corresponding greenhouse gas production, and reduce the landfill waste of discarded appliances. The project brings together six different …

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D & R Energy Services

We at D & R Energy Services, Inc. are a Renewable Energy Systems Developer and Integrator.  As such we design, engineer and construct Solar, Wind, Hydroelectric, Biogas and Biomass systems for homeowners, farms, municipalities and businesses.  But our services do not stop there.  We work with, and for you, our …

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Earth Aid

Earth Aid was founded in 2007 to help you save energy. In 2009,Earth Aid launched a new service that measures your energy consumptiontrends at home, and then pays you based on how much you save.We created our patent-pending technology to help Americans maketheir homes more energy efficient and to help …

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