Issue Area: Energy Security and Sustainability

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Erneuerbare Energie AEE

Die AEE Arbeitsgemeinschaft ERNEUERBARE ENERGIE wurde 1988 in Gleisdorf, Österreich gegründet. Der unabhängige, gemeinnützige Verein setzt sich für die Förderung des sinnvollen Einsatzes erneuerbarer Energien und der rationellen, nachhaltigen Energienutzung ein.Heute ist die AEE ein Dachverband von fünf unabhängigen Organisationen mit Standorten in Gleisdorf, Villach, Wien, Feldkirch und Jenbach.Jedes der …

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Arizona State University – Clean Energy

The purpose of Students for Sensible, Sustainable Energy is to advocateto, and partner with university administration, campus and communitygroups to bring clean, sustainable energy sources. Primarily solarpower, to Arizona State University, to our communities, and to thestate of Arizona.

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Asociación por una Sociedad para Todas las Edades ASTE

LA ASOCIACION POR UNA SOCIEDAD PARA TODAS LAS EDADES (ASTE)1. La Asociación Por una Sociedad para Todas las Edades” nace con la voluntad de aportar sus iniciativas a que se desarrollen políticas y acciones a favor de la plena integración social de todas las personas sin que la edad sea …

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Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas – USA

Mission Statement ASPO-USAencourages prudent energy management, constructive communitytransformation, and cooperative initiatives in an era of depletingpetroleum resources. Our tools are qualitative analysis basedon facts, a preference for independent action, and the confidence wecan make a difference.  Our methods include a comprehensive program ofpublic education, a positive endorsement of practical solutions, …

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Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society ANZSES Victoria

ANZSES Ltd is incorporated in the State of Victoria, Australia and is governed by a committee elected by its members. To enhance member contact and activity the Society has an active Branch in New Zealand and in every Australian State and Territory. The ANZSES coordination team is made up of …

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Azzeroco2 is a for-profit enterpise whose shareholders are Legambiente (the main environmental italian non-profit association), Kyoto Club (a non profit association joined by private companies, local authorities and reasearch institutions) and Ambiente Italia Institute (a preminent italian research body).

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