Issue Area: Nuclear Power


Fundada em 1997, por 15 associados, a ABESCO – Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Serviços de Conservação de Energia é uma entidade civil, sem fins lucrativos que representa oficialmente o segmento de eficiência energética brasileiro, representando as empresas inseridas no mesmo, fomentando e promovendo ações e projetos para o crescimento …

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Abolition 2000 Global Network

MissionIn April 1995, the 25-year-old Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was reviewed at the United Nations to evaluate whether it should be extended. Activists from around the world were dismayed that, in renewing the treaty, nations had left the issue of nuclear abolition off the agenda. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from dozens of …

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Alliance for Nuclear Accountability

Alliance for Nuclear Accountability ANA is a network of more than 30 local, regional and national peace and environmental groups representing the concerns of communities in the shadows of the U.S. nuclear weapons sites and radioactive waste dumps. We have effectively worked to open up the operations of the U.S. …

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Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility

The mission of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility is as follows: * To protect the public and future generations from radioactive contamination. To provide educational materials on safety and security issues at California’s aging nuclear plants.The mission of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility Legal Fund is as follows: * To …

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Alternative Energy Project for Sustainability

Objectives:1. Collect and dissemminate data/information about the impact of mega energy projects2. Gather and dissemminate data/information about pros and cons of nuclear projects3. Research into experiences in other societies regarding the development of alternative and renewable energy options4. Promote increasing use of sustainable energy options.Programmes:1. Research and monitoring the development …

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Americans for a Safe Future ASF

Americans for a Safe Future (ASF) is the leading political force in a statewide coalition of groups working to stop the construction of a radioactive waste dump in Ward Valley, CA. The proposed waste dump site is only 18 miles from the Colorado River, Southern California’s primary source of drinking …

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Objetivo:Acogida de menores bielorrusos afectados por Chernóbyl

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Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia CANNWA

The Anti Nuclear Alliance of WA is a collective of ordinary people, doing extraordinary thingsbecause we are ordinary people working together to achieve something better for the wider community.because the record of the nuclear industry – its safety, honesty, integrity, commercial viability and its undeniable links with nuclear weapons – shows …

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