Issue Area: Nuclear Power

Appalachian Citizens Law Center

ACLC focuses the majority of its efforts on working with problems surrounding coal mining. Some of the adverse consequences of coal mining include: employment issues – workplace safety, illegal discharge, hiring discrimination; disability compensation; advocacy on behalf of miners and black lung victims; and environmental problems – water quality, subsidence, …

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Asociación Benéfica Miguel Vacas

Objetivo:La Asociación Benéfica ‘Miguel Vacas’ es una ONGD de ámbito nacional fundada el año 1996, independiente de todo partido político, sindicato, religión u otra institución, que tiene como fines: ayudar a menores marginados y afectados, tanto física como psíquicamente, en cualquier parte del mundo, sin distinción de raza, sexo, religión …

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Atikokan Citizens For Nuclear Responsibility ACNR

ACNR seeks to stop the proliferation of nuclear power plants, mining, and the burial of high and low level radioactive waste. We promote the use of renewable energy and energy conservation and attempt to raise public awareness and acceptance.

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atomstopp_atomkraftfrei leben!

Unsere Ziele.Wir wollen den europäischen Atomausstieg und das Ende des EURATOM-Vertrages. Letztlich wollen wir den totalen Verzicht aufdie Nutzung der Atomenergie – weltweit. In der Vernetzung mit anderen Anti-Atom-Organisationen arbeiten wir an Projekteneuropäischer Dimension.Aufklärung- und Pressearbeit, Vorträge in Gemeinden, regelmäßige Informationen für Mitglieder und Lobbying bei Politiker/-Innen und Meinungsbildner/-Innen – …

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Bay Area Nuclear Waste Coalition BAN

Bay Area Nuclear (BAN) Waste Coalition web site, a non-profit environmental and social justice organization.In an historic victory for environmental justice and the earth, BAN Waste, in concert with a coalition of environmental, social justice organizations, Indian tribes and indigenous rights activists, successfully halted the proposed project.We continue to promote …

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