Issue Area: Nuclear Power

World Nuclear Association WNA

WNAAccredited to the United Nations, the WNA is an independent, non-profit organization, funded primarily by membership subscriptions. The World Nuclear Association is the global private-sector organization that seeks to promote the peaceful worldwide use of nuclear power as a sustainable energy resource for the coming centuries. Specifically, the WNA is …

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World Oil Boycott

We are a grass roots organization dedicated to creating a world powered by renewable energy sources. This group is dedicated to all forms of discussion and information on ways to reduce oil consumption, and ways to increase the consumption of renewable energy. Solar, wind, water, biofuel, fuel cells, electric and …

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Young Friends of the Earth Norway

Young Friends of the Earth Norway is the biggest environmentalist youth organisation in norway, and the only one committed only to the aspect of environment itself. It consists of around 70 local groups spread throughout the country, each local group working withg environmental issues where they live and are situated. …

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Zeleni Svit

Zeleni Svit is working to protect and restore the Dnieper and Bug rivers from the adverse impacts of dams and nuclear power plants in the area.

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Mission statement: Our goal is investigation and further possible reabilitation of environment using modern experimental techniques. NGO will use the sensitive methods of elemental analysis, methods based on the stable and marked radioactive atoms to study processes taking place as in organic so in inorganic world.

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