Issue Area: Energy Security

Zigen Fund

The Zigen Fund is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1988. The Fund is dedicated to the support of grass-root effort that promotes sustainable human-centered development. To this end, it provides people-to-people assistance to human-centered projects with a view to creating enabling conditions for poor and underprivileged communities in China.Mission:  …

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Zimbabwe Environment Regional Organization ZERO

ZERO was established to provide marginalized people with information on issues affecting their lives and to generate information reflecting the interests of rural communities. ZERO seeks to a provide meaningful contribution to the sustainable and equitable use and management of land resources for the benefit of the disadvantaged rural communities …

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Zoskupenie Zelene Jablko ZZJ

Priorities of work: >..environmental education>>..nature protection>..transport, traffic>..waste managementActivities: >..awareness raising campaigns> actions, camps>>..information dissemination

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Zuni Mountain Sanctuary

Zuni Mountain Sanctuary is a Radical Faerie community dedicated to providing an environment for spiritual growth and renewal of its stewards, Radical Faeries, and those of like minds and spirits. The Sanctuary is situated on a land trust of 320 acres in the Zuni Mountains of western New Mexico.The Sanctuary …

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