Issue Area: Sustainable Energy Development

1 World Solar Ltd

1 World Solarare well established specialist installers, designers, suppliers and trainers ofa wide range of renewable and energy saving technologies including: PV, Solarthermal, biomass stoves,  heat pumps,heat recovery systems and rainwater harvesting systems. We are MCS approved andmembers of the Solar Trade Association and Renewable Energy Association. Whilstwe’re based in …

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2020 Fund

Achieving a Sustainable Planet by 2020The 2020 Fund is a hybrid global philanthropic and social venture investment platform. The Fund is dedicated to high-leverage investments in critical market infrastructure projects and enterprises (e.g.,, 2020 Metrics, Communications, and Advanced Technology Projects). In addition to its core investors, the 2020 Fund …

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A Vehicle for Change

A Vehicle for Change uses creative communication to inform and inspire. Our destination : a peaceful, more organic world.

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A W.I.S.H. International

A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity (A W.I.S.H.) is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide models and support for life sustaining activities that integrate solutions to poverty and the environment while fostering self-reliance. It was founded in March of 1995 and is registered in the United …

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The Name is “AARTANA” . It is a Sanskrit word which means “waste”. Weare from India & from the top most industrializedstate & Land of entrepreneurship called”GUJARAT”. We are right now at nascent stage. This saga will bornup , when I was  stroked by the glimpse  IndianRailway. I am regular commuter & also a ardent rail- fan, when …

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Abalone Alliance Safe Energy Clearinghouse

The AA Clearinghouse is the archival office of the Abalone Alliance. The resources of the anti-nuclear movement in California from 1977-1985.  It has an extensive library from that era and still maintains active resources that can be accessed

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Abbottabad Conservation Strategy ACS

ACSThe ACS is a pioneering district level policy initiative to harness and improve the capacities of the people and institutions in Abbottabad in the pursuit of integrated sustainable development, enhancing the livelihoods and quality of life through the optimum use of natural resources while continually improving their productivity within a …

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Fundada em 1997, por 15 associados, a ABESCO – Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Serviços de Conservação de Energia é uma entidade civil, sem fins lucrativos que representa oficialmente o segmento de eficiência energética brasileiro, representando as empresas inseridas no mesmo, fomentando e promovendo ações e projetos para o crescimento …

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About Climate Change

The focus is on being a resource for those interested in clean energy. We are growing links to other relavent websites and publish articles that provide solutions and alternatives to dirty energy sources.

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