Issue Area: Appropriate Technology

Agency for Sustainable Systems in Science and Technology

The primary objectives and purposes of ASSIST are: •tProvide educational resources and opportunities to students, individuals, and groups interested in sustainable, grassroots community development; •tAssist individuals and groups in procurement and handling of funds for research and projects relating to appropriate technologies and sustainable, grassroots community development; and, •tDesign, develop, …

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Agrocrat`s Society for Rural Development

AppealsSave Environment and try for Sustainable and Evergreen Revolution Any Other DetailsGoing to establish a Research and Training Centre in Raipur and Mahasamund District of Chhattisgarh and required funding for doing research and extension works.Development FocusAgriculture

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Agromart Foundation, Matara

Mission:- To strive for the upliftment and development of rural women, in particular, by mobilizing their talents in their chosen self employment projects, in finance, industry and technology and to promote solidarity between women in all sectors of the economy.- To develop entrepreneurship in the rural areas, especially among women …

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Aide Médicale et Développement AMD

Aide Médicale et Développement est une association de solidarité internationale fondée en 1986.L’activité de l’association :REHABILITION D’HOPITAUX ET DE DISPENSAIRES :cosntruction er rénovation de bâtiments, adduction d’eau, assainissement, réseau éléctrique…AIDE A L’EQUIPEMENT MEDICAL :récupération et remise en état de matériel réformé, achat de matériel neuf, installation dans les structures démunies.FORMATION …

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Aide Médicale pour l’Amérique Latine AMAL

L’objectif d’AMAL est de réunir matériel médical, médicaments et moyens financiers pour venir en aide à des centres de soins en Amérique Latine. Depuis sa création, Aide Médicale pour l’Amérique Latine mène des actions à Cuba et au Pérou,au Brésil, en Colombie, en Bolivie au Mexique.Description de l’activité – Principe …

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AIDIS Canada

AIDIS-CANADA is the Canadian Section of AIDIS, the Inter-American Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, a non-profit professional and scientific association founded in 1948. It is the only international organisation covering all aspects of the environment, and is officially recognised by both the Pan American Health Organisation and the Organisation …

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AIDIS-Chile is the Chilean Chapter of the Inter-American Association of Sanitation engineering and Environmental, AIDIS, that group to thousand of professionals related to potable water Suministro, the disposition of residual waters, the handling of solid remainders and the protection of the atmosphere. AIDIS was created in 1948, after celebration of …

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Aliamos is privileged to support and enable socially just and environmentally responsible livelihoods for communities in developing countries. We work locally and globally to support education, food security, water, health, sanitation and economic development projects that empowercommunities to flourish. We are completely volunteer run. Our donors can choose to direct …

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Alive & Healing

Alive & Healing is a small home-crafted business, selling homemade tempeh from organic soybeans, selling jasmine kombucha with organic free trade green tea (including a fully-grown kombucha mother to brew it yourself), offers Reiki and massage sessions, Permaculture consulting and labor, workshops on fermentation and Permaculture concepts, and photography arts. …

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