Issue Area: Biomimicry

Association Civil Initiative for Sustainable Development

Projects on environmental impact assessment, recycling, eco-tourism, energy efficiency, sustainable development, and ecological innovationPriorities of work: environmental educationenvironmental impact assessmentenvironmental legislationenvironmental policy makingenergynature protectionpublic participationtourism/sustainable/eco tourismwater managementActivities: advisory servicesawareness raising campaignsconferences, meetingseducationinformation disseminationmonitoringnetworkingresearchtrainingInterests in partnership projects: local, national, internationalAffiliation with other organizations: Mivores Astarta, ICIES, Habitat

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Awen Grove

Awen Grove is an approved California 501 c3 Non-profit organization.When people transform the way they live and work, this ultimately results in increasing the vitality of all life on Earth. Awen Grove*:Provides new understanding about the interconnectedness of people and nature & encourages ways of living that enhance the quality …

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Biomimetics Network for Industrial Sustainability

Mission Statement:To promote the application of Biomimetics (Design Inspired by Nature) in products and services and its use in education and trainingObjectives:- To market the biomimetics approach to attract investment and partnership in research and applications. – To co-ordinate and enhance interchange among researchers and between the research, industrial and …

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Buckminster Fuller Institute BFI

The Buckminster Fuller Institute is dedicated to accelerating thedevelopment and deployment of solutions which radically advance humanwell being and the health of our planet’s ecosystems. We aim to deeplyinfluence the ascendance of a new generation of design-science pioneerswho are leading the creation of an abundant and restorative worldeconomy that benefits …

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Canadian Abilities Foundation

Providing information, inspiration & opportunity for people with disabilities.Our most valued resource is people. Whether it is a board member, a staff person, one of our on-site volunteers, a contributing writer or somebody helping with our distribution in rural Canada – we are very grateful for the incredible amount of …

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Capital Institute

The Capital Institute is a non-partisan, transdisciplinary Collaborative Space, founded in 2009 by former JPMorgan Managing Director John Fullerton. Its mission is to explore and effect economic transition to a more just, regenerative, and sustainable way of living on this earth through the transformation of finance. For more information, visit …

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Center for Biologically Inspired Design CBID

MissionBiologically inspired design, or biomimicry, capitalizes on the rich source of design solutions present in biological processes at all levels.Fill successful organisms survive because they have adapted to a particular challenge, therefore, biological processes are design solutions.The goal of CBID is to enable the search for biologically inspired solutions as …

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