Issue Area: Biomimicry

Village Design Institute

The Village Design Institute [VDI] is an educational nonprofit registered in the State of Washington. VDI was founded for the purpose of creating, organizing, and disseminating a scientific, multi-disciplinary knowledge resource base intended for promoting and facilitating the design and implementation of sustainable human settlements for the 21st century. A …

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VITRA Center for Sustainable Development Cerknica

Mission:Sustainable development of the countryside; eco-tourism; bio-agriculture; bio-farming; business; home manufacture; EU projects; civil society in the countryside; Gazette VITRinA; ecological awareness raising in local media

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York Region Environmental Alliance YREA

Formed in 1999, the York Region Environmental Alliance is an incorporated not for profit charity dedicated to: *Educating the residents of York Region and beyond about environmental issues which impact their communities; *Initiating projects designed to protect and improve the quality of the environment.┬áMember of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance …

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