Issue Area: Livestock in Developing Nations

Aagaas Federation

ALAKNANDA GHAATI SHILPI FEDERATION (AAGAAS FEDERATION) is a voluntary orgnisation working in the central hiamlayan region of India since 2004,this is registered orgnisation by state govt.under societies registration act.The meaning of AAGAAS –

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Action Centre for Rural Community Development ACERCD-Cameroon

ACERCD is a rural based non-profit non-governmental organisation set up to promote agriculture, livestock, acquaculture, environmental management, microfinance, health and microenterprise development among the women and youths through an integrated approach. Mission Statement: This organisation is aimed at alleviating poverty, eradicating hunger, guaranteeing food security and to sustain livelihood among …

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ADRAT Agência de Desenvolvimento Regional do Alto Tietê

A ADRAT– Agência de Desenvolvimento Regional do Alto Tietê foi fundada em 2007,inspirada em um modelo internacional cuja meta é contribuir para iniciar ou acelerar processos dedesenvolvimento regional.Sabemos que, nos dias atuais, oslimites territoriais servem apenas como demarcação de espaço físico, já que asações locais atravessam as fronteiras municipais e …

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Afri-Leo Foundation International

THE AFRI-LEO FOUNDATION – goals and objectivesEstablished in 1997 by Tammy and Uwe Hoth, this Foundation is based on a farm bordering the south-western section of the Etosha National Park.Our Vision – “the protection and conservation of wild lion populations in Namibia, in co-operation with the Ministry of Environment and …

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Africa Contact AK Denmark

– a movement for solidarity with AfricaAfrikaKontakt (AK) was founded in 1978 by a number of Danish politicalparties, trade unions and organizations to unite efforts againstcolonialism and suppression in the countries of Southern Africa. Withthe liberation of Angola, Mozambique and Zimbabwe our work increasinglybroadened our focus to include the fight …

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Amboseli Community Wildlife Tourism Project ACWTP

ACWTP mission: * To reduce the poverty of the rural Maasai population * To secure the biodiversity of the Amboseli ecosystem * To engender sustainable conservation amongst the Maasai community landowners * To reduce the reliance on livestock by generating income from wildlife * To increase direct benefits for the …

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Animal Kind International

Animal-Kind International raises funds for and donates supplies to our partner animal welfare organizations in poor countries so they can continue to improve the lives of animals. Currently we have partner organizations in 10 countries in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Eastern Europe. Through AKI, donors can be sure …

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Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme AMAP Russia

AMAP – AMAP is an international organization established in 1991 to implement components of the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy [AEPS]. – Now a programme group of the Arctic Council, AMAP`s current objective is providing reliable and sufficient information on the status of

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association pour le developpement rural integré de nganda-tsundi

the organisation is esthablished to assist rural farmers in our country,.we provide traing in adavanced new methods of agriculture and breeding and offer rural micrifinance and seeds .we seek to combat illiteracy,fight diseases and reduce heath risk commonto rurl populations.we promote planting trees and housing…

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