Issue Area: Organic Farming

AAO Mabolization Association

ttttFor the past 11/2years, we have focused on providing information, data processing and dissemination services to development organizations.ttttttttOur goal is to empower ,  and humanitarian and development organizations with know-how, technology, open-source software and open source websites, digital library and data-processing solutions.

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Our Core Business is to assist our Target Group to, firstly, combat poverty by growing food sustainably, using organic methods, at home and in community gardens and, secondly, to plant indigenous trees and flora in schools and streets, in order to transform the dune-sands of the Cape Flats into a …

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Accion Internacional

The mission of ACCION International is to give people the tools theyneed to work their way out of poverty. By providing micro” loans

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Accokeek Foundation Ecosystem Farm

Founded in 1957 to protect the view from Mount Vernon across the Potomac River, the Accokeek Foundation, an educational nonprofit, became one of the nation’s first land trusts. Today, the Foundation stewards 200 acres of Piscataway National Park in Accokeek, MD, where visitors can hike a network of trails winding …

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Action Communiterre

Action Communiterre is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to social and environmental development through the establishment and operation of collectively-managed vegetable gardens. We run 10 organic gardens, known as the Victory Garden Network, in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce area in Montreal. Our mission is to bring local residents together in a common effort …

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Action for Girijan Development

Action for Girijan Development seeks to liberate tribal people from paralyzing tradition, from exploitative situations and from want and deprivation, by socially mobilizing them to unleash and canalize their potentials for development that to come from within.The sustainability of small-scale irrigation is especially dependent on the effectiveness of community action, …

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