Issue Area: Permaculture

21 Acres

Our Mission21 Acres, an innovative is a community-drivenproject that will serve as anagricultural and environmental learning center for people of all ages.The organization is committed to making local, sustainable-grown food acornerstone of healthy lifestyles and communities. With the mission tocultivate, demonstrate and advance systems that support sustainableagriculture, the land now …

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4D permaculture

A permaculture stewardship network encouraging healthy humans, homes and habitatsWe organized in 2008 with three primary initiatives:PROTECT the environment by restoring and supporting ecological building, food, healing, and land stewardship practicesCREATE cooperative bioregional skill banks for permaculture training, employment, and volunteer opportunitiesTEACH and demonstrate permaculture ethics, principles, and practices

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A Rocha Brazil

A Rocha Brazil is a Christian not-for-profit environmental education and conservation organization. It is a member of the international A Rocha family and was established in Brazil in the beginning of 2006. It focuses on scientific research for ecosystem conservation, promotion of behavioural changes and establishing partnerships with governmental and …

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A Self-help Assistance Program

ASAP provides access to education, skills training and knowledge that endure for a lifetime.ASAP was created by two returned Peace Corps volunteers who met and married while teaching high school in rural Africa. Through this experience they gained an understanding of how so little can do so much! How truly …

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Abundance Ecovillage

Abundance EcoVillage is a place where village design, energy, shelter, water, gardening, farming, waste recycling, and landscaping are done in way that is in tune with natural law. In tune with natural law means, at a minimum, that the systems we use to obtain the services listed above do not …

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Abundant Edible Landscapes

Imagine stepping out your door with a basket and leisurely strollingaround your yard, all the while harvesting enough ingredients to make awhole meal upon your return to the kitchen. ¬†From your edible landscapeyou pick a few vine ripened heirloom tomatoes, dig up some sweetpotatoes and a ginger root or two, …

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Accademia Italiana di Permacultura

L’Associazione, che non ha scopi di lucro, ha per oggetto e si propone di:- essere una rete di supporto per le persone che hanno frequentato i corsi di Progettazione in Permacultura secondo il modulo di 72h, e che hanno deciso di continuare la propria formazione fino all’ottenimento del Diploma di …

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Accion Internacional

The mission of ACCION International is to give people the tools theyneed to work their way out of poverty. By providing micro” loans

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