Issue Area: Precision Farming

Alaska Grown

Great resource of a website: Link to Alaska’s groovy/ vibrant farmer-market scene here:

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QUIENES SOMOS: Una Asociación que elaborara y ejecutara proyectos de desarrollo rural proporcionando capacitación y asistencia técnica a través de la cooperación internacional,  enfocados en el desarrollo económico local. NUESTRA VISION: Ser una asociación que promueva el emprendimiento para lograr el desarrollo de las comunidades rurales a través de los  principios …

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Australian Centre for Precision Agriculture ACPA

The Australian Centre for Precision Agriculture was founded in 1995 to introduce, develop and promote Precision Agriculture in Australia as a method of environmentally and economically sustainable management and thereby maintain Australia’s internationally competitive rural industries and sustain their resource base.Objectives: – To review the recent and current knowledge in, …

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Biens Publics a L’echelle Mondiale BPEM

Le 26 novembre 1999, l’association Survie organisa à l’Assemblée nationale un colloque intitulé Réinventer la solidarité internationale”. Le sous-titre de cette journée de débat désignait le défi à relever : De “l’aide” aux “biens publics à l’échelle mondiale” [1]. Les échanges d’idées et l’intérêt manifesté au cours de ce colloque …

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Birds Krishi Vigyan Kendra ICAR

Our Aim/Objective/Mission:Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s main aim is to bring new technology of farmers. It is also committed to conduct lab to land programmes in the farmers land, conduct vocational trainings to farmers and farmer women on and off compus, frontline demonstration on oilseeds, pulses and cereals and vegetables and conduct …

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Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development

CARD is a national level non-governmental organization, which is addressing the social, policy and technical needs related to the development of agriculture. CARD is dedicated to give voice to the cause of farming community and to strive towards improving the quality of life of rural masses.Our vision is to play …

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Centre for Development Research and Documentation

Our Aim/Objective/Mission: The organisation aims to contribute in the field of development through research in turn increasing the knowledge and understanding of various critical developmental issues and concerns. Right from its establishment it has carried out several developmental programmes in field savings and credit, agriculture, education of weaker sections especially …

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China Walls Ecovillage

The China Walls Ecovillage Trust is comprised of Richard Gill, Anna Dunbar and Tookie Gill. We are three individuals seeking to realise a dream of living on China Walls in the midst of a supportive and sustainable community. Each of us has committed time, effort and money toward the realisation …

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