Issue Area: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania

We are committed to achieving the following objectives: *Revitalize existing communities and business districts *Strengthen local, regional, and Commonwealth land use planning and *consistency of implementation through legislation, education, and incentives *Encourage future development near existing infrastructure *Reduce traffic congestion and air and water pollution *Provide housing for people of …

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1000 Friends of Minnesota Brainerd

1000 Friends of Minnesota1000 Friends of Minnesota is a statewide nonprofit membership organization dedicated to addressing the important connections between our development patterns and the health of our communities and the environment. Mission mission is to promote development that creates healthy communities while conserving natural areas, family farms, woodlands and …

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113 Calhoun Street Foundation

The 113 Calhoun Street Foundation is a private non-profit organization whose mission is to create communities more resistant to losses from natural hazards – flood, wind, and earthquake – and to promote ways of living that help people conserve natural resources.113 Calhoun Streets mission is being achieved through the development …

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121.tInstituto de Derecho Ambiental y Desarrollo Sustentable (IDEADS)

Misión: Trabajar para el logro de una mejor normativa y una aplicación más eficaz de la misma en los temas vinculados con la protección y el mejoramiento del ambiente, contribuyendo, así, al cambio social hacia la sustentabilidad.Sector: • Desarrollo Sostenible a nivel ambiental• Intereses de los trabajadores• Legislación Ambiental.

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2020 Vision

About 2020 Vision2020 Vision and 2020 Vision Education Fund are dedicated to solving global challenges where international security, energy and the environment come together. We see that today’s great global challenges are linked, and we strive to find overarching solutions.To achieve our goals, we work with Congress, the media, on …

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21st Paradigm South Africa

21st Paradigm is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to raising public awareness on social, environmental and animal welfare issues, and bringing change through grassroots action.Paradigm: A set of assumptions, beliefs and values that constitutes a way of viewing reality. Paradigm shift: A change in perception that is the evolutionary result …

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