Issue Area: Ecological Footprint

Associazione Mediterannea Agricoltura Biologica AMAB

L’AMAB, Associazione Mediterranea Agricoltura Biologica, nasce nel marzo 1997 per iniziativa dell’Associazione Marchigiana Agricoltura Biologica, storica associazione del settore fondata nel 1986, con lo scopo di aggregare e rappresentare, a livello nazionale ed internazionale, i produttori agricoli biologici e le loro associazioni regionali. L’AMAB ha una sede nazionale a Roma, …

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Back To The Planet

Back To The Planet is an ethically driven and environmentally focussed video production company, making videos in a variety of formats across all platforms. We work to a comprehensive Social and Environmental Policy, using the medium of video to convey the message of organisations, charities and businesses working in the environmental …

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We offer afforable natural and organic products to support your part in going green and conserving the natural resources of our planet.

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Big Volcano Ecotourism Resource Centre

The tourism, travel and hospitality industries are particularly well placed to make a positive contribution to environmentally sustainable development. The WWW provides an incredible opportunity for us to educate ourselves and our customers [on whom ultimately, all our livelihoods depend] about appropriate behaviour.We can work toward this by ensuring that …

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As an NGO we currently are in the process to re-establish the direct contact between bio-farmers and the consumers in the cities – away from the dictatorship of corporations and GMO-foods and other nutritious items with unclear origin and contents. We are fighting for a GMO prohibition. Also other concerns …

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Bithrir Mawr Community

Brithdir Mawr Community is a collective of people working towards sustainability who wish to share their aim with others. We take care of the land, recycle and conserve resources, garden and farm organically and are off the grid for electricity and water. We have seen many changes in the last …

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