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Women Union of Kurdistan, WUK

Women Union of Kurdistan (WUK) was established on November 4, 1989 by a group of eleven women whose goal was to educate and assist in the improvement of women’s skills and rights. The mission of WUK is to achieve women’s equality with men in political

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World Sindhi Institute

The World Sindhi Institute [WSI], for Human Rights in Sindh, Pakistan, is a certified 501[c]3, non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. WSI was founded in March of 1997 to bring to the attention of the international community the grave situation in Sindh, the southeastern province of Pakistan. Through a nonviolent …

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THE NEXT ECONOMY IS THE DESIGN ECONOMY.Design is everyday. Every morning, noon and night we encounter and exist in a designed world. The places we live in, the things we use, the work we do- all have been designed by someone, somewhere, sometime. Design is important. If the public were …

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