Issue Area: Ecological Footprint

Cape Jourimain Nature Centre

Cape Jourimain Nature Centre Inc. is a charitable, not-profit organization dedicated to improving our understanding of the natural and human history of the Cape Jourimain area and communicating these stories to the public. The Centre strives to maintain as small an ecological footprint on our environment as possible and encourages …

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Carbon Balance Consulting

Our MissionTo provide climate change solutions to help restore the balance between business, individuals and the environment. What We DoOur core focus is to provide

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CarbonSense was formed in the UK 2003 and has become an independent and insightful voice in the field of climate change and carbon. We are a small team offering research, innovation and consultancy.About UsAt the beginning of the Millennium, ‘climate change’ was becomingmore widely recognised but still not making sense …

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it is about the mix of real estate, finance and real estate development and sales (green realtors), specialised in working on a concept to improve sustainable existing buildings.

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Cathance River Education Alliance

The Cathance River Education Alliance was created in 2000 as a living partnership among area educators, the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust, Topsham`s Future, and Highland Green developer John Wasileski, who agreed to set aside the Cathance River Preserve. The purpose of CREA is to encourage and sponsor environmental, historical, and cultural …

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