Issue Area: Ecological Footprint

Cedar Hill Enrichment Center

Cedar Hill Enrichment Center is a center of spirituality, ecology and Earth education.  Our mission is to provide a haven of healing and growth that honros the diversity of all people and pursues the study and practice of Earth preservation and sustainability.

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Center for Conservation Biology [CCB] – Stanford University

The Center for Conservation Biology [CCB] was established by Paul Ehrlich in the Department of Biological Sciences at Stanford University in 1984. Its mission is to promote human well-being by developing a scientific basis for managing Earth’s life-support systems and helping arrest environmental deterioration. In so doing it fosters wide …

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Center for Environment and Population [CEP]

The Center for Environment and Population [CEP] was founded in 1999 to ensure that the best available science-based knowledge on human population`s environmental impacts is actively integrated into policies and public outreach at the community to international levels.The environmental impacts of human population are occurring at rates, scales, and types …

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Centre for Ecological Economics

Through a process of critical appraisal of economic, accounting and management theories, The Centre for Ecological Economics provides enterprise, government and non-government organizations with leading practice information on integrating environmental and sustainability requirements into strategy and policy.ObjectivesBusiness Strategy and Sustainability:- Environmental Management Accounting- Environmental Cost AccountingGovernment Policy and Sustainability:- Environment-Economy …

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Change of Atmosphere COA

Change of Atmosphere (COA) is a non-profit organization devoted to human awareness and positive planetary change. COA is a project of the

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Coalition for our Children`s Children

OUR PURPOSEOur purpose is to educate and organize citizens of democracies to demand that our elected representatives make sustainability, sufficiency and security for all their top priority in office. To do this they must solve the world’s top ten problems, the Big Ten”. These are inter-related

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Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade COAT

COAT is a national network of individuals and organizations in Canada that began in late 1988 to organize opposition to ARMX `89, which was the country`s largest weapons bazaar. COAT has continued to expose and oppose Canada`s role in the international arms trade, particularly where there is trade to governments …

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Comercial Dlahaye E.I.R.L.

QUIENES SOMOSSomos un Equipo que amamos la Naturaleza y elconcepto de sostenibilidad a través de Ecología Profunda.Nuestro foco de negocio de basa en ofrecerproductos y servicios que están insertos, se sustentan y conviven con lanaturaleza y el cuidado de la misma.Buscamos permanentemente socios, proyectos yemprendimientos que aporten oportunidades con visión …

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