Issue Area: Life Cycle Assessment


Our aim is to stop the building of a new super-highway alongside the A27 between Polegate and Lewes, or similar increases to the capacity and environmental impact of the existing road, and to campaign for safety improvements to the existing road and for a revival of the local bus and …

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L’ADEME EN BREFL’Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Energie (ADEME) est un établissement public sous la tutelle conjointe du ministère de l’Ecologie, de l’Energie, du Développement durable et de la Mer et du ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche. Elle participe à la mise en oeuvre …

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Aldo Leopold Foundation

In 1982, Leopold’s children, Starker, Luna, Nina, Carl, and Estella, all respected conservationists themselves, established the Aldo Leopold Foundation in response to the growing interest in their father’s legacy. For more than twenty years, the Aldo Leopold Foundation has promoted the care of natural resources and fostered an ethical relationship …

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Altamont Group

Altamont Group is a for-profit organization that offers online trainings in sustainable business strategies, on-site consulting and recruitment services.

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Welcome to Amberwaves, the network of concerned friends, families, farms, and communities devoted to preserving natural and organic rice, wheat, and other essential foods from the hazards of genetic engineering [GE]. From “sea to shining sea,” moms, dads, kids, teens, grandparents, friends, and neighbors are awakening to the need to …

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American Center for Life Cycle Assessment ACLCA

The American Center for Life Cycle Assessment is a non-profit membership organization formed in 2001. The mission of ACLCA is to build capacity and knowledge of LCA. This mission is supported by the following goals: To increase awareness of and to promote the adoption of Environmental LCA among industry, government, …

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