Issue Area: Life Cycle Assessment

Eco Achievers

Eco Achievers is an educational provider for the renewable energy and sustainable living community. We help people succeed in achieving sustainability in their home and professional lives through relevant and targeted e-learning experiences.Approved USGBC Education ProviderEco Achievers is dedicated to quality learning, reflected in the fact that they are one of …

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Ecosa Institute at Prescott College

The mission of the Ecosa Institute is to restore health to the natural environment, and thus the human environment, through education in design. Our vision is based on synthesizing the ethical and ecological values critical to the health of the environment, with the vitality and dynamism of the design arts.The …

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EcoSpaces is a green design showroom and distribution center.  We focus on providing materials and resources that are non-toxic and sustainable.  Materials range from FSC wood to countertops and wall coverings.  As well, we act as a resource center for information, consultation, and green living.

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ecospecifier’s aim is to help building professionals including architects, designers, builders and specifiers, as well as keen homeowners, to shortcut the eco and healthy materials sourcing process. Its broader aim is to help create a more sustainable physical environment by increasing the use of environmentally preferable and healthy products, materials …

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Ekoloski Pokret Eko – Banja Luka

Priorities of work:- environmental education- environmental impact assessment- public participationActivities:- awareness raising campaigns- education- lobbying/campaigning

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Ekoloski Pokret Panonska zora

Priorities of work: – air quality/air pollution- environmental education- environmental impact assessment- forestry- public participation- publications- waste management- water managementActivities: – advisory services- awareness raising campaigns- conferences, meetings- education

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Energie, Udrzitelny Rozvoj,Partnerstvi, Regionalni Iniciativy

Priorities of work: – agriculture/pesticides- air quality/air pollution- biodiversity- environmental education- environmental impact assessment- energy- nature protection- public participation- publications- sustainable agriculture- tourism/sustainable/eco tourism- waste management- water managementActivities: – advisory services- conferences, meetings- information dissemination- publishing

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Equilibrium Consulting Group S.A

Equilibrium Consulting Group S.A, home based in Bogota, Colombia, is a boutique consultancy company on the andean region focused on eco-efficencies, LCA, and economical and financial analysis of sustainable strategies and  projects based on THE NATURAL STEP ecological and scientific methodology .

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