Issue Area: Recycling and Reuse

Yale Center for Industrial Ecology CIE STAF Project

The Stocks and Flows (STAF) Project evaluates both current and historical stocks and flows of technologically significant materials throughout nine world regions.The STAF project goes further than mere calculation of various reservoirs and flows, integrating its metal cycles with environmental data to assess environmental and policy implications. Drawing largely upon …

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Yellow Bike Coalition

The mission of the organization is to work towards:- Recycle a wasted resource by recovering bikes hopelessly forgotten in the garage and other dead-end places.- Give skills to youth by training them to repair bikes.- Promote local businesses by co-locating bike stations at participating businesses and by providing a free …

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Yeovil Freecycle (TM) Group

The Freecycle Network™ is composed of many individual groups across the globe. To visit the central hub of this network, see the following website:

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