Issue Area: Demographics

Age Concern

MissionOur mission is to promote the well-being of all older people and to help make later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.>Principles * Ageism is unacceptable: we are against all forms of unfair discrimination, and challenge unfair treatment on grounds of age * All people have the right to make …

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Asian MetaCentre for Population and Sustainable Development Analysis

The work of the Asian MetaCentre is largely based on collaborations in the internet as well as research and training workshops to strengthen demographic research and the analysis of population dynamics. Our foci include:-population-development-environment-health interactions at the regional level,-rapid urbanisation, urbanism and health in Asia, and-demographic change, migration and the …

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Association for Albanian Girls and Women

The “Association of Albanian Girls and Women” (AAGW) is a nonprofit humanitarian organization created by and for victims of human trafficking in Albania. A primary aim of AAGW is to help former victims of trafficking reintegrate into Albanian society. AAGW promotes this goal by supplementing and supporting job training, job …

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Azerbaijan Demographers Association

The Azerbaijan Demographers Association deals with human rights, demography, migration, ecology, gender problems and etc. The society has conducted a survey among population of Ramani to find out the demographic and ecological problems of the country.

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Bajito Onda Africa Foundation

Mission/VisionBajito Onda Africa wants to be a tottally inclusive nation wide in which the vulnerable women and children can be included and treated with dignity in order to save them from violence of any kind and to protect them from the violation of the rights to shelter, food, quality education …

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Bombay Urban Industrial League for Development BUILD

BUILD envisages an egalitarian society with justice, peace and dignity of persons. To attain this BUILD believes in conscientising the poor and the marginalised and there by to equip and empower them to be active social actors in development process of nation building and also to bargain for their rights …

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Cambodian Center for the Protection of Childrens Rights CCPCR

Cambodia is facing the growing problems of child prostitution, trafficking, kidnapping and physical and emotional abuse. Some Cambodian agencies deeply concerned by this new tendency in Cambodia have decided to react.CCPCR means: The Cambodia Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights. Our focus is on the awareness, education, investigation and …

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