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Aarohi is a non-profit society committed to integrated rural development in the central Himalayan region of Uttar Pradesh; key sectors of work are natural resource management, health, drinking water and sanitation, education, women’s development and production of Apricot OPI and herbs to provide supplementary income to small farmers of the …

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Academy of Development Science ADS

Academy of Development Science (ADS) is a people oriented Science & Technology organisation concerned primarily with problems faced by village communities; particularly tribals, landless and small & marginal farmers. It is a registered Society and Charitable Trust. ADS campus is situated near Kashele village in the Karjat Tribal Block of …

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Against Child Abuse (ACA)

Our Mission * Advocate for a holistic child policy. * Provide quality prevention through community education & professional training. * Provide professional child protection services to children and families. * Advance child protection development through innovative projects

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Airesbuenos Hostel and Permaculture

The world is changing and Airesbuenos is transforming to become apositive part of the new emerging social order. As peak oil approaches,innovative solutions for low energy” lifestyles are critical.Permaculture offers a design system for creating sustainable humanenvironments. As a philosophy

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Al-Khair Development Organization Gujrat

A free dispensary free medicins one time dinner for T.B. ward give four electric water cooler for the gujrat city help the poor people for their daughters marriages help the deserving people help the other organizations in diffirent projects arrange the medicle camps arrange the semminars on diffirent topics distribute …

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