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YogaBlaze is the One Guide to All Yoga.Starting in Seattle, and moving to other cities, YogaBlaze provides a once-a-month yoga e-newsletter & online calendar for yoga events.Supporting Yoga teachers & studio owners in balancing the ‘doing’ of their business, with the ‘being’ of their yoga practice.Subscriber list has reached over …

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Yokibics Productions Company Inc.

Yokibics Productions Company is going on 28 years of service to the community.¬† Our mission is to bring a body-mind-spirit perspective to education and planetary consciousness. Our focus is on the written and spoken word and we create programs that empower the individual to be the change they wish to …

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Youth AIDS Project YAP

The objective of the YOUTH AIDS PROJECT to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS in South Africa by the education of young people. The advantages of an HIV/AIDS education course to medical students and medical schools are as follows:- They will have the knowledge to make informed decisions about their own …

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Yutnuu Cuii, or Green Trees in the Mixtec Language, is a community organization dedicated to planting and maintaiing trees. It is a volunteer group of adults and children, now registered with the town government. It has existed now for about 3 years. You can see photos at our website:

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Zahana Association Madagascar

Zahana is a non-governmental organization in Madagascar dedicated to rural development, education, reforestation, revitalization of traditional Malagasy medicine, and sustainable and environmentally-friendly agriculture.The goal of Zahana is to develop a community-based rural development project focused on priorities set by the villagers themselves. It is Zahana¬ís philosophy that development must be …

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Zrii Health Foundation

Perhaps the one word that best describes the Zrii way of life is abundance. Abundance isn’t just one of our core beliefs. It’s a philosophy that those who join Zrii choose to live in all aspects of life.And Zrii offers a path to abundant living through the health benefits of …

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